We see the refuge as an ideal operational base to enjoy a myriad of activities. From the access along the trail in a centenary forest of matchless beauty and views to cliffs with waterfalls of incredible height, to strolls at the refuge area or to venture on the unparalleled glacier environment privileging us.

Inside our work group we have a clear goal, which is to offer the visitors with careful containment and attention, providing the spectrum of activities with a safety and service framework of the highest possible level. Every aspect is taken care to the detail. Thorough attention is given to the commodities, the food, the cleaning, the manners, etc., and regarding our excursions system the idea is to give the less experienced public an opportunity to approach an unknown terrain in a safe and didactical way, offering at the same time options for the more experienced, promoting activities that connect the persons with a dynamic and captivating natural environment.

Due to the fragility of the glacial and periglacial environments, with its delicate vegetal cover of great vulnerability, another essential goal is to avoid transforming our business into something massive, sustaining the handmade and educative character of our proffer to emphasize on the conservation of the surroundings we so much love. Our aim is to avoid growing further than what we consider to be the natural load the mountain can bear.

We encourage and promote a responsible tourism, engaged with the values that allow taking care of the environment and the mountain, with respect for the invaluable natural resources around us.

Refugio Meiling